6, 12, 24 volt fans

Overheating at slow speeds? Scotts Cooling Fans has the solution!

  • Electric DC motor cooling fans for all vintage, classic and restored automobiles
  • Available in auxiliary or pusher-mode for parade, cruising or slow-speed applications
  • Available in puller applications when needed
  • Positive-ground or negative-ground vehicles
  • Each fan is individually made to order with attention to detail for each application
  • Depth at mother 3 1/4"
  • Each fan is complete with mounting hardware and electronics (toggle switch activated"
  • Available in 10", 11" 12", 13", 14", 16" and 18" fan shroud sizes

Dealer pricing available
Proudly Made in USA

Cooling Fan Terms

PULLER FAN: This fan is placed on the inside of radiator in the engine compartment. Most common application is the replacement of the mechanical engine cooling fan.
A puller electric fan is always more efficient!

PUSHER FAN:  This fan is placed on the front of the radiator pushing air through the core. Most common applications are auxiliary cooling or back-up to the engine mechanical fan at slow idle speeds, curse or parade situations can be used as primary engine cooling only when absolutely necessary.

FAN SIZE/SHROUD: This is the outside dimension of most electric fans. In certain applications, dual electric fans are more efficient than a single fan.

MOUNTING FEET: Scotts uses two types of mounting hardware. A 90 degree foot for mounting through the radiator, and a threaded foot, for use in bracing or bracketing to radiator support or any fixed structure.

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